Since its founding in 1980, several things have set Lagerquist Flute Service apart from others in the industry.

First, John Lagerquist has over 40 years of experience as a professional flutist. He knows better than most the extraordinary music that can be created when you bring together a quality instrument in top condition with a talented and well trained musician.

Secondly, many instructors can assist you with rhythm, tempo, articulation, and dynamics. Few have the training to help you identify and create the sound you want from your flute or piccolo. Utilizing 20 years of vocal training, John has the experience and ability to assist you in hearing and generating the sound you desire.

Thirdly, John is a certified Schmidt and Straubinger technician and specializes in the repair and maintenance of high grade Boehm flutes and piccolos. Because his repair service does not offer retail, he can be candid about various products and advise you according to actual experience. There will be no attempt to sell you any products.

Lagerquist Flute Service is known throughout the region as the place that professional flutists and their students rely on for quality instruction, professional repairs and intelligent, objective advice.

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