Group Lessons from a Master Teacher

“Thank you very much for the wonderful class which you gave for my students. I have heard only the most enthusiastic comments from everyone who participated, and of course, they want to have another class. I was delighted to hear how you got everyone to improve and play with more freedom and expression. I would like to do this again.”
Toby Rotman, Teacher, Flower Mound, TX

Several years ago, I began to take voice lessons in order to become clearer in my mind about the nature of sound, as opposed to the nature of the flute. I have had the most exciting results of my teaching career incorporating what I have learned into private and group flute lessons.

Talking about sound is often said to be just too tricky, too subjective. It becomes a good deal less intimidating when considered as a goal for its own sake, rather than an appendage to musical interpretation.

Singing has taught me how to avoid the tyranny of the printed page. What one must do to improve sound cannot be found there. Sound comes from your brain and nowhere else!

I have developed an effective style of approaching this task that is accessible to a broad range of experience and age. If this sounds intriguing, I would love to talk to you about working with your club or studio.

The sound approach to musicianship is a great antidote for the staleness that sets in from too much determined but misguided practice.

My rate for master teaching is $80 (U.S. dollars) per hour plus negotiated fee for travel time and expenses.

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