Individual Lessons & Coaching

"I studied with John for nine years. Under his instruction, I earned Second Chair in the Maryland All State Band, Principal Chair in the Maryland All State Orchestra, Second Chair in the All Eastern Band, and acceptance into the International Summer Flute Courses with renowned British flutists, Jonathan Snowden and William Bennett. John has a passionate and magnetic energy and an extremely intriguing philosophy on music-making. A lesson with him is much more than firing off scales, arpeggios, etudes, and pieces for the sake of plowing through the flute literature. Rather, it is an intensive process of self-discovery through sound production and music; for what is technique if you do not have music? He will teach you how to make your sound active, buoyant, and full of energy. Most of all, he will teach you how to make music of your flute playing and transform your sound into a captivating and resonant sonority."
Francine Amos Hardy, Assistant Band Director, Bishop McNamara High School, Forestville, MD

It is important and basic, when choosing a flute teacher, to be clear about what you expect to gain. The reasons for seeking a relationship with a teacher or coach may include expanding repertoire, audition preparation, performance anxiety, technical development, and simply sounding better. It is my belief that sounding better comes first, middle and last. All other issues fall in line after it, because your sound is the ONLY means you have of reaching the ears and minds of your audience. I have found that a singing approach is the best way to forge and hone the mental tools you need to do this.

What is a singing approach? We have all heard musicians of every sort urge us to “sing”, and some have even recommended trying to do it. As a serious voice student for over twenty years, I can confidently state that one must go a good deal further than merely checking it out to acquire the understanding needed to apply singing to one’s playing. I have done the work for you. I will be your second set of ears. I give you instant reactions as you play, (sort of like a cheering section), so you know that every effort your brain initiates is heard. In this way, you gain confidence that you are the source of all expressive power. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you learn that the exquisite sensitivity of the human hearing apparatus is your greatest ally in your quest to move people with your music.

In short, I guide you to a realization that your job is that of “change-agent”. The more change, (air-pressure variation) your brain initiates, the better you will sound. Yes, your 18k gold flute and your choice of literature matter. Just remember, neither of them can make a sound. Only you can do that. If any of this resonates with you, please get in touch with me.