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“Having seen a flute that John Lagerquist has padded, I can recommend him to work on Haynes flutes. His padding and adjustments were as close to perfect as anyone can get. I find from what I have seen of his work that it is definitely up to Haynes’ standards.”
The Late Lewis J. Deveau, President, Wm. S. Haynes Co., Inc., Boston, MA
(Makers of high grade Boehm flutes & piccolos)

Lagerquist Flute Service, Inc. is a full service flute and piccolo repair facility. John Lagerquist is a certified Straubinger and Schmidt technician and specializes in overhauls using Schmidt pads. Repairs to flutes using other quality “flat” pads, as well as traditional pads, entails the use of the same tools and techniques. Any aspect of flute and piccolo construction, repair and maintenance can be addressed.

The Schmidt pad is machined from aluminum, which will not deform from the pressure of a screw or grommet, and sits on a delrin stabilizer, which is epoxied into the cup. The pad-cushion is a synthetic suede material, and the covering is Milar, which is impregnated with a metallic composition and gold plated for superior sealing and sound. This entire assembly is held in a plastic collar, much like the stone in a man’s ring is held in by a bezel. The pad’s absolute flatness is ensured, as there is nothing wrapped around the edge and glued to the back of the pad. There is no “skin” to fray or split.

They are perfectly flat and round, and so they require absolute perfection of mechanism and tone holes to function correctly. When properly installed, they are virtually impervious to change due to temperature and humidity, as well as being highly resistant to change from compression. Once installed, they become a permanent part of the flute.

Pads are ordered as sets only for your particular flute. Once the flute is received, each cup is measured in thousandths of an inch, and the ideal size is ordered.

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